Primate Ayodele Crescent, Oke Afa, Isolo.
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The book of John 4:24 says: "God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth" This bible passage is central to and is equally the guiding philosophy of the activities of the church. The church believes so much in fasting and prayers. Fasting to us is a means to spiritual growth, cleansing and fortification against negative forces. For, with total devotion and hope prayers are answered.

All committed and good Christians must win souls for Christ. The surest way is to impart the knowledge of the Word of God. Thus, the Church through our Father in the Lord, the Servant of the Most High God BABATUNDE ELIJAH AYODELE (JP) is winning souls now and again for Christ through Open Air Revivals , House to House Visitations, Radio and Television appearances, the use of the Social Media as well as articles, comments and informed opinions in Daily newspapers and other Periodicals.

Our Vision & Mission

The Primary preoccupation of true adherents of the Christian Religion is to win souls for Christ. Your efforts in Words and Deeds will either make or mar the realization of this noble aim. Thus, it is the vision of the INRI EVANGELICAL SPIRITUAL CHURCH to take the Gospel of Christ to all the nooks and crannies of the earth. Structures shall be put in place to stimulate the entire populace to be partakers. THE CHURCH shall be actively involved in EVANGELISM and WELFARE SERVICES. For the Church, The Gospel of Christ and The gospel of the stomach must be preached in (Pari Pasu) hand in hand. Hungry and Poverty stricken individuals and societies are not likely to be easily convinced of the description of God in the superlatives (All Caring, All Loving, A Benevolent God etc).

Thus, our MISSION is to preach LOVE, ONENESS, SPIRITUAL PURIFICATION, KINDNESS AND MEEKNESS among other positive attributes of true Christians to all. All the Church Departments shall be active participants in the realization of all these. The Departments shall be propelled into action by encouraging each one to carry out assigned programmes singularly or collectively in manners that will edify Christ. WE SUBSCRIBE TO ALL EFFORTS THAT WILL BRING TRUE AGAPE LOVE AND UNITY TO THE BODY OF CHRIST. WHAT WE BELIEVE INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church